Air Conditioning Installation & Repair for Saskatoon

At Excelsior Mechanical we solve your air conditioning needs. Air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance for Saskatoon and area. Our team can get any Carrier air conditioner you want. We can also repair and provide maintenance for any brand of air conditioner you might have. Below are some of the air conditioners we professionally install for our customers.

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24ABB3 – Comfort Series 13 SEER Air Conditioner

  • This is our most common unit, runs as our entry level option for Carrier products.
  • This unit is 13 SEER, with a Wire Grille, no compressor sound blanket, no high & low pressure switches.
  • For most people in our shortened cooling season a unit like this is a perfect fit.

24ACB3 – Performance Series 13 SEER

  • This is our next most common unit, this unit is very common with builders and other long time installers who like some of the added features vs the Comfort series.
  • This unit is 13 SEER, with a Louvered Grille (Hail Guard), Includes a compressor sound blanket, high and low pressure switches.
  • The big selling features on this unit are the louvered grille, sound blanket & pressure switches which protect the compressor from operating if the charge is too low or too high (either loss of charge or say the condensing coil outside gets completely covered in dust or the fan motor dies)

38HDR – Performance Series 13 SEER Horizontal unit

  • This unit is our least common unit however it is a horizontal discharge unit (most are vertical) which fits a very niche requirement from some people.
  • This unit is 13 SEER, with a Wire Grille, Sound Blanket, High & Low pressure switches.
  • The big selling feature on this unit is that it is a horizontal discharge meaning it is perfect for under a deck or in any orientation that fits this orientation.
  • This unit is substantially quieter than other 13 SEER units because of the horizontal style of it
  • This unit does however come at a premium compared against the other two above.

24ANB7 – Infinity Series 17 SEER Two Stage

  • This unit is very popular in nicer larger homes, especially when an Infinity zone system is present.
  • This unit is Low Ambient Capabilities, Communicating, 2 Stage, 17 SEER, with Louvered Grille (Hail Guard), Includes a sound blanket, high and low switches.
  • The big selling feature on this unit is that it communicates with the infinity control allowing it to run down to -20deg.. often on a large house with big windows there is a cooling demand even when it is around 0-5 outside.
  • The unit is also two stage allowing it to run at a lower capacity, on a zoning system this is a big benefit as the cooling load varies depending on the weather and time of day.
  • This unit also comes at a premium compared vs the others.

Air Conditioning installations are handled by the Excelsior Mechanical Air Conditioner Installers and we operate a fleet of vehicles manned by professionally trained technicians who are ready to take care of your heating, air conditioning and plumbing requirements.

Saskatoon Air Conditioning by Excelsior Mechanical

Feel free to call us any time at 306.652.1795 or simply send us an email at and we will take care of all of your air conditioning problems. Proudly providing air conditioning installation, service, repair and maintenance for the Saskatoon and surrounding areas.

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