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Water Heater Choices

water heatersThere are a lot of choices out there for water heaters. Power direct vent, power vent, direct vent, and tankless. We can help you out.

New Water Heater

Whether you are looking for a traditional model or considering a tankless (on demand) model, our professional team can help you out. We take the time to understand what you want from your water heater and help you pick the best match for your needs. We work within your budget and get you a fair price.

Water Heater Repair

Water heaters are fairly sturdy pieces of equipment, and they do have parts that can be replaced. Before throwing your current water heater in the garbage, have our team take a look and a simple repair could save you hundreds of dollars.

Water Heaters & Maintenance

It is easy to forget about your water heater, but there is some regular maintenance that you should consider. For example, how long has it been since your water heater was inspected? A regular inspection can detect early issues like anode replacement. Most water heaters have an anode that rusts before your water heater rusts. Simple replacing this component can extend the life of your water heater and it is an inexpensive maintenance item.

Some Annual Checklist Items

Check Water Pressure: Check water pressure at the drain valve or hose bib. If water pressure is above code maximum (80 psi), install a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). Water pressures are higher at night and lower during the day. If daytime water pressure is 60 psi or higher, nighttime pressure will likely be above 80 psi—install a PRV.

Control Water Pressure: Sometimes a pressure reducing valve is necessary. Typically it should be set to 50-60 psi to protect appliances. High water pressure can damage water heaters, toilet valves, ice makers, dish washers and washing machines. If there are drips at your Temperature and Pressure relief valve this often means the water pressure is too high.

Inspect T&P Relief Valve: It is a good idea to nspect the Temperature and Pressure (T&P) relief valve as per instructions on the manufacturer’s label. T&P relief valves can drip if the water pressure is too high or as a result of thermal expansion plumbing system without an expansion tank. You can control water pressure by installing a thermal expansion tank before having to replace a dripping T&P relief valve.