Gas Line Installation

There are many projects that are DIY (do it yourself)…but a natural gas project is not one of them! Leave installing gas lines to the pros (seriously!). Although installing a gas line might seem like a simple project, working with gas is serious and requires proper training.

Here are some hi-lighted points why you should choose Excelsior Mechanical for your natural gas project, fitting or repairs:

  • We are bonded, insured, and have a red seal gas line fitting ticket
  • Gas permit is pulled with every job
  • 20+ years of experience with new installations, renovations and additions (garage heaters, range, BBQ lines)

Gas Lines

Installing Gas Lines for a Fireplace, Garage Heater or Range? Call the Professionals!

We have the training, experience and equipment necessary to safely and effectively install a gas fireplace, BBQ line, range or garage heater. Entrust us with your installation and rest easy knowing that all gas fitting has been performed properly. We also provide a variety of maintenance and repair services, including garage heater and gas fireplace repairs.

Give us a call today at (306) 652-1795 and let us help you with your natural gas project.