Garage Heaters

garage heatersGarage heaters are the answer! With the cold fall and winter seasons in Canada, most people can’t use their garages year round. Get the most our of your garage by installing a garage heater. Now you can use your garage all year round in comfort. A garage furnace not only keeps you warm, but it keeps things like paint, caulking and other supplies warm enough.

Our professional team can install garage heaters anywhere in Saskatoon and area.  Let us help you get a plan in place for a garage heater. Once the plan is created, we can have your garage heater installed so you are nice and warm for the cool months of fall and the cold months of winter!

No more warming up your vehicle in the morning just to defrost it! Garage heaters are plumbed right in by our team. With a warm garage you can store paint all year, get into a warm vehicle in the morning and work on projects all year round in the comfort of your garage.

At Excelsior Mechanical, we can have your garage heater installed in a day. These high efficiency heaters come in many sizes to accommodate all kinds of garages. Whether you have a 1-car or a 4-car, there is a system that’s powerful enough to keep your space warm, no matter the weather in Canada.

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Garage Heaters Checklist

  1. Do you have a high ceiling in your garage? It is important to know because 8 feet is enough, but the taller the garage, the more options you have and we can help you with that.
  2. Do you have a clear area to mount the garage heater? corners work best.
  3. Where is your gas located in your home? To keep costs down, it is best to locate the garage heater in a corner closest to where your gas line comes into your home. It is important to note that we can put the gas line anywhere, but we always try to minimize costs.
  4. How simple is it to vent the heater out of your garage? Similar to a home furnace, a garage heater burns natural gas and the emissions must be vented to the outside. Choosing a location with easy venting is best.