Why Hire an Expert for a Gas Line Installation

There are many plumbing jobs that you can handle on your own if you have basic DIY knowledge. However, you should never attempt any tasks that involve gas — and this includes gas line installation. In fact, there are several reasons why it’s always necessary to hire an expert.

1. A Mistake Means an Emergency

The slightest error when working with gas can cause a leak. As a leak can pose a fire hazard or cause an explosion, this is an emergency situation. You may even be unaware that you have a leak, which means gas will be allowed to continue seeping into your home and leave fumes that cause serious illness.

2. Working with Gas Requires Specialist Knowledge

A handyman can help you with many types of repairs and installations, but gas line work is not one of them. Installing a water supply line, including the connection of fittings and values, is completely different from installing a gas line. Furthermore, simply following instructions is no good: you need formal training to work with gas.

3. You Could Cause Damage to Appliances

Hiring an unqualified plumber in an effort to save money could cost you much more in the long term. Damage to your water heater, furnace, fireplace, or any other gas appliance may lead to inefficiencies that lead to higher running costs. Worse, damage could be so significant that you end up needing to replace an appliance.

4. Receiving Professional Attention May Be a Requirement

Utility companies often require you to receive a service from a qualified professional. In the case of a leak, for instance, the company may turn off your gas line until you provide proof that a professional made the repair. In addition, you may void the warranty of your gas appliances if you try to fix a problem yourself.

It’s important to know that the company you hire will send you someone who is an expert in gas installation. Homeowners in Saskatoon have Excelsior Mechanical. Our team has the training and experience necessary to carry out gas line jobs safely.

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