Which Type of Water Heater Is Right for You?

Since replacing a water heater or hot water tank isn’t something most homeowners need to do often, choosing the right one can seem a bit daunting. There are numerous models, brands, and styles on the market, which can make the decision seem complex. Moreover, advancements in energy efficiency and plumbing technology provide an ever-evolving list of options. To narrow down your selection, browse through the information below on some of the common types of water heaters and what they offer.

On-Demand or Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters are where plumbing and heating overlap. Yet, tankless water heaters are where plumbing, heating, and smart technology all converge. These systems are designed to heat water on demand using intense flashes against coils, resulting in optimal energy efficiency. They can be sized or set (if you have a smart water heater) to consistently heat water. This means your hot water won’t run cold after a certain period of time. Tankless systems are also fairly simple to set up, but they do require a bit more of an upfront investment compared to traditional models.

Traditional Hot Water Tanks

Traditional or storage tank water heaters are still the most popular option among homeowners. They’re usually powered by natural gas and include an insulated tank where water is stored and heated. Yet, despite being the traditional choice, newer models are smaller and more energy efficient than ever. Natural gas hot water tanks are especially efficient compared to their electric counterparts. While electric water heaters can help you save on heating costs, they’re more expensive to purchase and install than natural gas heaters.

Water Heaters with a Heat Pump

Water heaters with a heat pump are perhaps the most energy efficient water heaters available. These systems use electricity and warmth from the ground or air to heat water. This makes them much more efficient than standard electric water heaters. This type of electric hot water tank can therefore reduce energy costs. Water heaters with a heat pump generally cost more than other water heaters, so these energy savings will help offset your initial investment. For more information, please contact us.

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