Signs You Need a Boiler Repair or Replacement

Boilers are energy efficient heat sources found in many homes. As with any heating system, they require routine maintenance to function their best. Of course, even with regular maintenance, it’s possible for an aging system to require repairs or replacement. The signs that your boiler needs attention can creep up slowly. To ensure you’re not left without heat in the middle of winter, watch for the following indicators that your system needs to be serviced or upgraded.

Pilot Light Won’t Stay On

A pilot light that won’t stay on is dangerous and could indicate a serious problem with the boiler. Typically, this issue is associated with mineral deposits and sediment buildup. If this is the case, a professional cleaning could quickly clear up the issue. On the other hand, a faulty pilot light could be the culprit. This is an issue that must be addressed immediately, as it could trigger the release of carbon monoxide. If the pilot light issues are accompanied by a yellow flame, turn off the boiler and contact a service like Excelsior Mechanical for immediate boiler repair.

Boiler Making Odd Noises

Mineral deposits and iron buildup can rumble around in a boiler, producing odd noises. Over time, they can also cause overheating and uneven water distribution, leading to a breakdown. This issue often indicates the need for a replacement, especially since it typically occurs in old equipment. If you’ve had your boiler for more than 15 years, it should be replaced soon. Replacement of an old unit could protect you from expensive repairs and improve your home’s energy efficiency. Of course, if your boiler isn’t an older unit and is making odd sounds, it may just need repair. Loud clunking and bumping could indicate an issue with the pump or fan. This should also be addressed immediately, as a broken pump or fan could lead to more serious problems.

Unusual Cold Spots

Sudden and unusual cold spots in the home could indicate an inefficient boiler. This inefficiency could be caused by dust, dirt, or debris buildup in the radiators, mineral deposits, or an issue with one or more of its components. An inefficient boiler consumes more energy, increasing your home’s heating costs. If you notice cold spots, schedule a maintenance checkup that includes a radiator inspection and cleaning.

If your boiler is showing signs that it will require a repair, give our trusted team a call – before you’re without heat!

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