6 Signs You Need a Humidifier

Humidity is a bad word in the summertime, but in the winter it’s a different story. 

The ideal humidity level in your home should be between 35-50%. There are a few ways to tell you need a humidifier.

  1. You Have a Cold from November to March

Do you experience a lot of cold, or cold-like symptoms during the winter?

It turns out that low humidity could be the cause! Exposure to dry air will dry out your mucus membrane that lines your respiratory tract. This means the protective lining won’t keep out cold viruses and other microbes as well.

The end result is that you spend a whole season walking around your home feeling just plain awful, but never able to get 100% better. You may think you need more Vitamin C or cold medication but you could also need a humidifier.

Having a humidifier can help alleviate those symptoms. You’ll feel much healthier- and happier- with a much better air quality.

Remember: Humidifiers help with dry air related symptoms, but if you think it’s more than a cold, always check with a medical professional.

2. Your Skin and Scalp Are Always Dry

That dry, flaky skin and itchy scalp aren’t going to be solved with moisturizing products alone. The cold, dry weather is one of the things causing your discomfort, which means the air in your home is too.

Dry air will draw out moisture where it can, which includes you! The moisture is literally being sucked out of your skin and hair, which is why you feel extra scaly.

Installing a whole home humidifier will ensure that no matter where you are in your home, your air wont be contributing to dry skin.

3. Your Hygrometer Says So

A hygrometer is a tool that is used to measure the level of humidity in the air. That’s how you find out whether your home falls in the 35-50% range.

This is a good first step, and an affordable hygrometer can be purchased at a hardware store.

4. You Suffer from Asthma or Related Respiratory Issues

Dry air is the bane of existence for many people suffering from asthma, or other respiratory issues. You become plagued with harsh coughing fits and other symptoms that make you wish harder than ever for warmer weather.

A humidifier will be a lifesaver for you this winter. With the right level humidity, the air in your home will become much easier to breathe.

5. You’re Using Your Furnace Constantly

When it’s cold, you’re going to have your furnace on. You know that the drier your air is, the less heat it will hold? This means that you have to use more heat to reach your desired temperature.

The more you heat your home, the drier your air will get, and so the cycle continues. Break that cycle by installing a humidifier to work with your heating and cooling system. Your air will hold heat more efficiently, and you’ll have less expensive heating bill.

6. Your Wood Floors and Furniture are Drying Out

It’s not just people that feel the negative effects of dry air. Your wooden furniture and floors with suffer too.

Dry air will actually pull any available moisture it can from the wood. This causes creaks and gaps in your flooring, and could wrap and crack your wooden furniture.

If your home had wooden floors or a large amount of wood based furnishings, a humidifier is an excellent investment towards protecting your home. In fact, most manufacturers of hardwood flooring require you to install a humidifier in order to qualify for a warranty.

A Humidifier = Healthier Breathing

Saskatoon’s winters are hard enough without having to worry about the moisture in your air, and whether or not it’s hurting you and your home. A humidifier that works with your heating system will spread throughout the whole house, making winter more pleasant.

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