3 Practical Tips for Preventing Clogged Drains

April 26, 2020 By Excelsior Mechanical Blog

Clogged drains

If your drains are regularly becoming clogged, it may be because you’re misusing them or not carrying out necessary maintenance. There are a few tips everyone can utilize to prevent blocked drains from occurring at all.

1. Buy a Lint Trap for Your Washing Machine

It’s normal for fibres and small pieces of fabric to fall off your clothes in the wash. These form lint, which travels into the discharge hose and can cause a blockage. Adding a lint catcher to the end of the hose will stop anything but water from entering the drain.

2. Use Drain-Cleaning Bacteria

When organic matter is the issue, the solution could be to use bacteria. Unlike other drain cleaners, bacteria has no impact on your pipes: it only consumes remnants of food, hair, and other organic material that’s clogging the drain.

3. Stop Pouring Waste Down Your Drain

Although it may seem like a quick fix in the moment, using your drain to get rid of things like food scraps and grease will cause serious problems later. Remember that your garbage disposal is meant for just the smallest scraps. You are not meant to intentionally grind larger pieces of food up and send them down the drain — throw them in a compost bin instead.

Grease is even more problematic, as it congeals in pipes and sticks to other waste that passes through. Collect grease in a jar and throw everything out when the jar is full.

4. Use Mesh Screens in the Bathroom

You can also avoid hair building up in your pipes. Simply place a mesh screen over the drains of your bathroom sinks, shower, and bathtub. The mesh will also collect pieces of soap.

Sometimes, you take all the right steps and still suffer from a blocked drain. If this happens at an inconvenient time (such as in the evening or when you have guests over), never feel like you need to wait until business hours to resolve the problem: an emergency plumber can fix the issue immediately. Saskatoon residents should contact Excelsior Mechanical — no job is too small for us. We’ll head right over and unblock your drain in minutes.