Why Spring Is the Best Time of Year for Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

March 10, 2020 By Excelsior Mechanical Blog

Air Conditioninig Tune-up

Many Canadians welcome spring weather with open arms — warmer temperatures mean you can finally turn off the heating. Yet, since it’s not quite time to switch on the air conditioning, this is the ideal opportunity for a professional cooling system tune-up. Here are some reasons to book this important service before higher temperatures roll in.

Make Repairs Before You Need Your AC

You may think that your AC is running fine. After all, the system was working well when you stopped using it late last summer. However, winter weather (particularly storms) can lead to damage. Instead of waiting to find out if your air conditioner has any problems, address potential issues now, before you need to cool down your house.

Spend Less on Energy Bills

Your AC may be able to provide you with the cool air you need, but it could come at a price. If your air conditioning unit is struggling to run, it will use more energy. This can end up costing you as much as 20 percent more. A professional tune-up can address performance issues to ensure your system is running at peak efficiency.

Retain Your Warranty

To prevent voiding your warranty, you may need to receive regular tune-ups on your AC. Check the fine print: oftentimes, preventive maintenance entails more than just changing the filter.

Increase the AC’s Life Expectancy

Even if you have an older unit that no longer has a warranty, it’s still important to receive tune-ups. When issues are fixed in their early stages, it’s less likely that they’ll turn into major problems which could call for an earlier replacement. With regular maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your AC unit from about 10 years to 15 years.

Get Professional Help for Challenging Issues

Whereas you can (and should) change air filters yourself every few months, other issues are too complex for the average homeowner. For instance, professionals know how to handle the high voltages and carbon monoxide elements of the AC unit safely. They also know what to look for in terms of damage to the outdoor heat unit pump.
Of course, if your heating system was running poorly towards the end of winter, don’t wait to schedule service until the fall. Receive a professional heating and air conditioning repair or tune-up in Saskatoon from Excelsior Mechanical this spring. Our team specializes in air conditioning maintenance to help local homeowners maintain a dependable system all season long.