Common air conditioner issues

August 7, 2019 By Excelsior Mechanical Blog

air conditioner issues

Your air conditioner plays a key role in maintaining your home’s temperature, especially during the hottest days of summer. When the system isn’t working properly, your home can become stifling and uncomfortable. While it isn’t uncommon to experience the following issues during hot weather, with a quick call for local air conditioner repair, Saskatoon residents can begin enjoying cool, refreshing indoor air once again.

Low Refrigerant

Your air conditioner uses refrigerant to remove the heat and humidity from the air. If a leak develops within the refrigerant lines, you may not have enough refrigerant to cool the air properly. An HVAC repair technician can find the leak and repair the holes in the lines to get your system back up and running properly.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coil is filled with refrigerant and is responsible for absorbing the heat from the air. For this to work properly, warm air must circulate around the coil. When the evaporator coil gets too cold, a layer of ice can build up on the outside, and you’ll either experience warm air coming from your system, or none at all.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are a component within the exterior unit. They get rid of the heat removed from the air by expelling it outside. The coil won’t work properly when it gets covered with dirt and grime. When dirt and grime build-up, it impedes the heat transfer. Your unit will have to work hard to do its job, which leads to increased wear on the parts, and if left unaddressed, system failure.


The fan inside your unit blows indoor air over the evaporator coil to cool the air. Another fan blows air over the outdoor unit’s condenser to expel the absorbed heat outside. Either of these fans could stop working due to a faulty motor, lack of lubrication, worn belts, or too much dirt and debris. If that happens, you’ll end up with poor airflow, and the compressor could fail over time.

How to Prevent Air Conditioner Issues

The best way to prevent air conditioner problems is to maintain your system properly. Clearing away debris from your exterior unit, scheduling pre-season inspections, and enlisting professionals to help with repairs and timely maintenance are all essential to extending the lifespan of your system and keeping it running efficiently for years to come.

If your air conditioner is in need of repair, contact us!