Fall is a Great Time for a New Furnace Installation

When your furnace breaks down in the middle of winter, it can be disastrous. The best way to avoid a calamity like this is to keep up with furnace maintenance or replace your old furnace. Old furnaces are typically less efficient, less safe, waste loads of energy and may even require frequent repairs. If your furnace fits this profile, then it should be replaced immediately. And, one of the best times to have your furnace replaced is during the fall.

Frequent Repairs

Maintaining an old furnace can be expensive. Systems that are more than 15 years old are prone to frequent repairs and breakdowns during the winter. Repairs often mean a system that’s inoperable, and an inoperable heating system can make your home uncomfortable and unlivable. So, a furnace in need of repair can be just as disastrous as a furnace that has broken down completely. Besides that, warranties usually only last for about ten years. This means the burden of these costly repairs will fall solely on you. However, getting your furnace replaced in the fall will ensure that frustrating breakdowns don’t happen during the winter.

High Energy Costs

If your energy costs are on the rise, it could be attributed to a heating system that isn’t operating at full capacity. An aging or failing furnace will work twice as hard to heat your home, thus using an excessive amount of energy. New furnaces are equipped with technology that makes them energy efficient. For example, today, furnaces have modulating valves that change the amount of heat they produce, which can help lower energy bills.

High Operating Costs

A heating system that isn’t performing at an optimum level will eventually become expensive to operate. Frequent breakdowns and costly repairs can make an old or underperforming furnace simply impractical. This means you’ll get less out of your furnace than you’re putting into it. In the long run, investing in a new furnace will be more economical. The cost of the equipment and the furnace installation are an investment that will pay off in savings on your energy bills and repairs. Plus, you’ll have a new warranty that will cover any issues you encounter.

Having your furnace installed during the fall can be even more economical, as many HVAC services offer special offers and discounts for fall installations. In fact, these discounts are prevalent during the season.

Replace your old furnace this fall and equip yourself for warmth and comfort this winter. Call us to learn about your options.

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