How to Save Money on Air Conditioning this Summer

air conditioningDuring the summer, air conditioners cause hydro bills to skyrocket. This can motivate a lot of homeowners to look for ways to be more energy efficient. The good news is that there are some things you can do to help your unit perform optimally, lower your energy bills and avoid a costly replacement. Below are four unique and simple ways to save on air conditioning costs this summer.

Use Ceiling Fans

Turning on ceiling fans is one of the simplest and most effective ways to help your air conditioner become more efficient. Ceiling fans make the air conditioner more efficient by circulating the cool air coming from the unit. This circulation will help it cool your home faster and cycle on and off less often. Besides that, ceiling fans require less energy to run, so they won’t greatly increase your hydro bills. In fact, increased air circulation can help lower your energy costs.

Cool Down the Kitchen

Cooking during the hot summer is a surefire way to quickly heat up your home and make your air conditioner work harder. The use of heat-inducing appliances should be kept to a minimum or supplemented with the use of an outdoor grill, toaster oven or slow cooker. This will also help lower energy bills while preventing your air conditioning unit from working constantly to cool down the home while you’re cooking.

Weatherproof the Windows and Doors

Weatherproofing is one of the most effective ways to increase energy efficiency in a home. Cracks should be sealed with caulk and windows and doors should be lined with weather stripping. This will prevent warm air from entering and cold air from escaping through gaps and cracks. You should also consider replacing old insulation with new expanding foam insulation, as bad insulation can affect how efficiently your A/C runs, as well.

Change the Air Filters

During the summer, the air filters in an air conditioner should be replaced every 30 days. Dirt, dust and dander buildup is prevalent in summer months, so the filter must be changed regularly to prevent clogging. A clogged filter will cause your A/C to work harder to pull air into the system and hinder its ability to properly cool your home.

An air conditioner that works harder will use more energy, thus increasing your energy bills. Just remember that having your filters changed are a normal part of air conditioner maintenance. If you require assistance with air conditioner maintenance, or have a related question, just call Excelsior Mechanical.

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